Interstate 82, connects Prosser directly to Washington’s interstate highway system Interstate 90, providing statewide east/west access. To the south, I-82 connects with I-84, providing access to Southeastern Oregon. State highways serving the area include SR 221 and SR14, connecting Prosser to Western Oregon and Washington via the Columbia Gorge. This road system provides alternate routes to Interstate 5 corridor cities. This flexibility may become important during winter months when pass conditions could impact distribution routes across I-90.

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The Prosser Airport, owned by the Port of Benton, is located one mile northwest of the business district of Prosser. The airport is served by one runway and has been recently extended to approximately 4,500 feet long. The 60 feet wide asphalt surface is equipped with medium intensity runway lights. Approaches to both runway ends are visual with vertical guidance provided by precision approach path indicators lighting systems.

The Tri Cities Airport, 30 minutes away, offers commercial service; Delta/Sky West, Alaska/Horizon, United Express and private charter services.


The Columbia-Snake River System, located 30 miles from Prosser, is one of the most modern inter-modal transportation networks in the world. This commercial waterway extends 465 miles from the Pacific Ocean into the North American continent. Several barge companies currently offer service to the Tri-Cities area with specialized barges that handle a wide variety of cargo. A fully operational container-handling terminal is operated at the Port of Pasco, connection to trucking or rail hauling can be made at the terminal.


Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad provides Prosser’s rail service. Burlington operates 12 tracks in the Prosser area and serves major cities throughout the Northwest.


For nearly five decades, Washington’s economy has benefited from the availability of inexpensive and reliable hydroelectric power. Local electric rates consistently rank among the lowest in the nation.


BENTON REA provides electric service to an area, including Prosser, of over 1,300 square miles. This expansive electric system is comprised of 2,083 miles of power line. REA receives wholesale power deliveries through 18 delivery substations and provides service through 24 distribution points.

BENTON  Public Utility District

In 1946, Benton PUD became an operating utility, assuming operation of the electrical distribution system from Pacific Power and Light. In that year, Benton PUD served 3,754 customers. Benton PUD now serves over 42,000 customers with annual sales of approximately 1.4 billion kilowatt hours.


Cascade Natural Gas provides residential and industrial service to the Prosser area. They offer expertise in distribution, pipeline capacity, and gas supply.