Business Startup 101

Getting Started

The first step for a new business is to contact the Secretary of State office to file for Articles of Incorporation. You may apply online and will be issued a UBI number. You may then apply for a Master Business License from the Department of Licensing.  This business license application registers your business with the Departments of Revenue, Licensing, Labor and Industries, Employment Security, Secretary of State and Washington State Department of Commerce for one-stop coordination through the state's permitting processes. A federal Employee Identification Number, if necessary for your business, may be applied for from the Internal Revenue Service.  Another great resource to visit is the Washington Small Business Guide, in particular the Start Your Business chapter.

For more information visit:

WA Business Hub

US Census Bureau

City of Prosser

Contact the City of Prosser for local zoning and permitting requirements.

City of Prosser Zoning map

Business Assistance

Prosser EDA offers information and referrals to business assistance programs. Local economic information is provided for a new business which can be a deciding factor in location and business direction. Coordination with public entities and help in complying with city/county codes and permitting can speed up this process.

Business Assistance Brochure

How & Why A Business Plan Makes A Difference